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I’m Kim, the founder and owner of KJF Clothing. I am a wife to Simon and a mama too.  We each have a unique role in KJF Clothing, I do the making, product development, social media marketing and general day to day running of the business. Simon is in charge of all elements of our website development, preparing goods ready for exhibitions and our retail customers. 

KJF-From Scratch was established in 2016 whilst I was on maternity leave from my teaching role. 

I realised quite quickly after my little girl was born that there wasn’t much choice for baby clothes which fitted well over a cloth nappy, that were reasonably priced and ethically made.

I already dabbled in making blankets and newborn gift hampers for friends and I received many compliments so decided to put the two ideas together and started a business. KJF-From Scratch was born!

Social Enterprise UKIn these early years of developing our business, we have evolved to become a social enterprise. Organically we have developed an ethical business, deliberately making decisions based on sustainability and the impact of that decision environmentally and socially. We now have a brand which is recognised as being considerate, ethical and sustainable. We have a long way to go, we are on a journey, like all businesses and individuals, but we can honestly say all of our business decisions are made consciously considering the impact and cost to our world and community. If you would like to know more about our commitments and promises please have a look at our governing document

I am passionate about people and planet over profit. We give 50% of profits away to charities caring for people here in the U.K. and overseas. You can head to our charities page to find out more about our charities. 

We only use materials which have been manufactured in a manner which considers the environment and people it impacts, such as GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo based materials. If you’d like to know more about why we choose organic, check out this blog post. 

We are looking at developing a pre-loved section to our business to further enhance the sustainability of our business long term. We recognise that as a fashion brand, inevitably we are still contributing to the damage being done by creating first-hand goods. By facilitating the reusable nature of organic clothing we are extending the long life of our goods and reducing the amount of clothing ending up in landfill.

birthday t-shirtWe already have a small range of goods which use off-cuts of fabric accumulated from making leggings and other clothing items. Our matching t-shirts and birthday t-shirts are made using these off-cuts which would otherwise be scrapped. We have some further
product ideas in development which have the potential to be made completely from fabric otherwise destined for landfill. Nothing is wasted in the handmade production of our items. Even the tiniest pieces of thread are collected and stored, ready to be developed into  waste-free products in the future. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see what we choose to develop.

All of our clothing is carefully designed with stylish mamas in mind who want to support UK business and buy ethically prepared children’s clothing. I am very selective about the range and fabrics that I use to ensure that the clothes are just right for kids 0 to 6 years old. We also sell a small range of grown-up clothing to compliment our children’s range. 

 Muddy StilettoMpowerRecently we were shortlisted as finalists for two awards: The Muddy Stilettos award for best children’s business in Sussex and the Mums in business award for social impact. We are both honoured and excited to have been recognised by both public and industry experts for our small business.

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