Why choose Organic clothing?

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Why choose organic?

This is a question I asked myself 18 months ago when starting my business journey making comfy clothing. KJF Clothing has evolved dramatically since I launched the business in April 2016. In the beginning I naively used regular cotton and bought cheap soft toys from half way around the world to create our baby hampers. The fabric were cute and reasonably priced so why choose anything different, right? 

Since those early days my eyes and heart have been opened. My organic journey began when I expanded into clothing, which since became my main focus. When I started researching jersey fabric I found that most of the fabrics available on the market were in fact organic. Why was that? This prompted me to ask myself where I wanted to take my brand, and ultimately my lifestyle.

Following more research, planning, lots of discussions, basically filling my head with knowledge, I couldn't settle for anything other than organic! 

All the cotton we use in our clothing is GOTS certified Organic jersey cotton. Each fabric is at least 95% organic cotton with a 5% lycra mix. The GOTS certification is one of the strictest in the world. All fabrics with the GOTS certification go through a vigorous process to ensure strict criteria are met. 

Highlights of these standards are as follows:

  • Non toxic dyes or heavy metals etc.
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No PVC or Nickel
  • No forced labour
  • No child labour
  • A living wage for all workers
  • No excessive working hours
  • Safe, hygienic working conditions

So basically by buying garments that have the GOTS Organic certification attached to them, you can be confident that the businesses involved care about the environment and the people who made the garments. 

Organic clothing is more expensive than the majority of clothing on offer on the high street but for a good reason; the people who are involved in the process have been paid a living wage and waste has been processed appropriately. So if you love people and love our planet then maybe changing our shopping habits needs to start sooner rather than later. Fashions are moving so quickly these days, it is hard to keep up. But what would happen if we all slowed down a bit, stopped impulse buying and started making more conscious choices with our precious cash? If we stopped filling our wardrobes and drawers with multiple items of clothing and instead just purchase a few choice items, thoughtfully chosen, would that not be better for our wallets, planet and the folk in the fields and textile factories around the world? The more my eyes are opened to the journey my clothing has been on before it arrives in my wardrobe the more I have been provoked into action. 

18 months into my organic journey and I am still very much at the beginning. There is so much more I could do and so much more I want to learn and understand. Ignorance is expensive. Would you like to know more? 

For more information about GOTS certification: http://www.global-standard.org/

For more information about the fashion industry: http://fashionrevolution.org

For a list of great sustainable kids clothing brands recommended by The Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/

Our personal favourites brands, in addition to KJF-From Scratch of course, are Frugi, Little Green Radicals, Pigeon Organics, The Bright Company, H & M, Toby Tiger and Kite Clothing

I hope you have been inspired a little. As I said above, I am very much at the beginning of my journey and am slowly shifting our whole household, as well as our business, in a more sustainable, caring and kind direction. I would love it if you would join us on this journey.

Please share your ideas, tips and knowledge. Sharing is caring after all! 

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